Step up your Malaysian business aspirations. Regardless of whether you need a specific product or connection, or a more specialized service like a risk assessment or cultural report, business-to-business sites can help you reach your goals.

Worldbiz.com Malaysia  http://www.worldbiz.com/premalaysia.html

This is a useful service site to visit if you plan to do business in Malaysia. Worldbiz sells topical reports that offer a range of information, from the latest economic, political, business and cultural news to insights into the social protocols of business meetings and home visits.

Global Sources Malaysia  www.globalsources.com/TNTLIST/TRVGUIDE/COG_MAL.HTM

Global Sources specializes in connecting importers and OEMs directly to the manufacturers in Malaysia and throughout Asia.

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry http://www.micci.com.my/

The International Chamber of Commerce and Industry exists to promote international trade and commerce with Malaysian companies. It also solicits international investments in the country.

National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia http://www.jaring.my/nccim/

The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry's mission is to promote Malaysian trade abroad and create a conducive investment climate for foreign investors within Malaysia.

Securities Commission of Malaysia http://sc.com.my/

The Securities Commission of Malaysia is the central government authority set up to regulate and develop Malaysia's securities and futures industries.

Central Bank of Malaysia http://www.bnm.gov.my/

You will find everything you need to know about Malaysia's monetary system at this site.

Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council http://www.mpopc.org.my/

The council's website was created to support Malaysia's palm oil industry.

Malaysian Rubber Board http://www.lgm.gov.my/

The Rubber Board supports the industries involved in the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and marketing of rubber and rubber products.

Malaysia Buying Guide http://www.mbg.com.my/

The Buying Guide is a comprehensive sourcing directory of products and services.

Malaysia Products http://www.malaysiaproducts.com/

This promotional product site was created to connect international buyers with Malaysian manufacturers